Jazz & Cocktail

Jazz & Cocktail

A Partnership More Than Jazz and UdineIdea More Than Jazz was born in Udine, a city that for four years has welcomed the festival with ever greater warmth. Among the main reasons for the success of this relationship is the quality of the musical proposals and the consequent appreciation of the public, but not only. […]

When was Jazz born?

Louis Armstrong

Jazz was born at the beginning of the last century by African-American slaves, who worked on plantations or in the construction of railways in the South of the United States.

Who listens to jazz?

Test musica e personalità

According to the Musical Universe researchers, each musical macro-category brings together people with similar characteristics.

Vigne Museum – Between Collio and Brda

Collio, Brda

Wine culture has become the unifying feature of this territory. In the same way, the arts, which have always been considered as a universal language, fulfill this role at the Vigne Museum.