Udine Celebrates International Jazz Day

UNESCO logo International Jazz Day
Logo ufficiale International Jazz Day

Since 2021, SimulArte has been organising a flashmob through the streets of Udine’s old town on the occasion of UNESCO International Jazz Day. In November 2011, UNESCO declared 30 April to be International Jazz Day, as UNESCO attributes to jazz the diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the globe (source: UNESCO). Jazz music is a universal language that transcends language and cultural barriers, making it understandable and appreciable by every citizen of the world.

For 2024, the aim was to promote the universal values of jazz music such as peace, equality, dialogue and cooperation to young citizens. Specifically, a flashmob was organised in three primary schools, in which the young professional jazz ensemble Spakkazuck performed for 15 minutes in each school. The musicians moved from one school to another in a minibus in order to produce a surprise effect in the students involved. The aim of the activity was to bring the students closer to music in general and jazz in particular, a non-commercial genre that is increasingly considered cultured, even though it originated as popular music. The students were thus stimulated to a richer and more conscious musical listening.

Special thanks go to the Municipality of Udine, which has always been close to the Festival, and which celebrated Jazz Day with us by supporting and collaborating on the initiative.


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