Lost songs

Francesco Bearzatti – saxophone

Federico Casagrande – guitar

ATTENTION: Seat reservations are valid until 21.20

A duo that highlights how inevitably any attempt to explain the alchemical relationship between musicians in words is. Is it a conversation? Sometimes it is. At the beginning, Casagrande offers a simple, profound idea before Bearzatti intervenes to exhibit his own more intense and defined version. In other passages of these pieces, all signed by the saxophonist, elements of dance are found, even in the absence of explicit dance rhythms. Sometimes there is an almost mathematical elegance in the way the elements are linked together. These “lost songs” simply have to be listened to and it is amazing how such quietly discreet music can be so incisive as well.

The concert will be held on 25 August 2022 at 21:30 in Corte Morpurgo in Udine. For information and reservations call 0432 1482124 or write to us at biglietteria@simularte.it.


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