3. July 2024 at the Church of San Cromazio d’Aquileia in Udine

More Than Jazz proposes a performance with a high social impact at the San Domenico neighbourhood. Performing will be the Inclusive Symphony Orchestra (AMI Orchestra) composed of people disadvantaged due to physical and psychic conditions, followed by the Freevoices choir from Gorizia. The performance will also include pieces in the Friulian language, in order to valorise the city’s intangible and linguistic heritage.

AMI-RITMEA Inclusive Music Activity
The project AMI-Attività Musicale Inclusiva was born in 2017 within the Ritmea School of Music, present in the territory since 1995 and  is committed to the realisation of stable paths of inclusion, through music and addressed to disabilities in its different forms. The main aim  is to demonstrate how musical language is a powerful educational and social integration context.

AMI received a special award in 2022 from the PN-UD Chamber of Commerce and collaborated from 2019 to 2022 with the IMFR- Gervasutta in Udine. In 2023, an agreement was signed with the Azienda Sanitaria Universitaria Friuli Centrale.

At the University of Udine AMI talked about its experience within the series of meetings “TUTTI INCLUSI, prospettive, pratiche ed esperienze inclusive”. At the Vicino/lontano Festival in Udine the documentary “AMI suono dunque sono” by Elia Ferandino and Luca Tassotto was premiered.

To date, over 70 students between children, youths and adults are enrolled in the AMI project. The core of the project performs in small and large groups with the string and percussion sections. The ambitious goal of the project is the establishment, in a stable form, of the first Inclusive Symphony Orchestra of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Ambassadors of Friulian youth, Freevoices want to show the face of a new generation firmly rooted in its homeland and at the same time open to the world. A message that can only be one of peace and that at the same time wants to combine, without contradictions, what the youth of Friuli today are and can be: Italians bound to their land, deeply European, open to a global citizenship.

“The Freevoices derive the quality and intensity of the repertoires they interpret from a combination of uncommon talent, passion, and commitment combined with a singularity of their own: the rare ability to continually put themselves on the line. “(Moni Ovadia)

Manuela Marussi  – chorus director –  is an opera singer (mezzo-soprano) awarded the order of Cavaliere della Repubblica for her artistic merits. She is one of the founders of the cultural association InCanto of Capriva del Friuli in the province of Gorizia, of which she is also the artistic director. She directs the mixed voices Freevoices Show Choir (named after an Abba song), 35 girls and boys aged 18 to 28, musicians and singers, sopranos and mezzo-sopranos, altos, tenors, basses who share the pleasure of being together on stage, but also in life.

Event in collaboration with the Associazione Progetto Musica’s Nei Suoni dei Luoghi review.

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