Zoe Pia – Clarinet

Vincent Courtois – Cello

More Than Jazz - Rosazzo

In case of bad weather, the concert will take place at Abbazia di Rosazzo

Vincent Courtois and Zoe Pia will invite us on a boundless sonic adventure through a unique combination of improvisation and contemporary music. With extraordinary skill and passion, these artists will bring to life a musical experience that will capture the essence of creativity and musicality. Their instruments will come together masterfully, interweaving melodies and rhythms to create a sound show that will transport us on an authentic emotional journey. It will all take place in an exceptional space: the immersive installation by visionary architect Yona Friedman will succeed in bringing to life an unprecedented three-dimensional soundscape. As Courtois and Pia weave their harmonies, the sound around us will be transformed into an incredible multisensory experience, inviting us to explore the limits of emotion and sound.

Zoe Pia

In 2022, she is the creator, coordinator and manager of the Little Jazz Festival project, the first Italian jazz festival organized by students in the third grade of the musical address of the I Grade Secondary School of the Istituto Comprensivo di Fiesso Umbertiano in collaboration with the Rovigo Conservatory, the National Federation Il Jazz Italiano, the Association Il Jazz va a Scuola, I-Jazz (association of Italian jazz festivals), MIDJ (association of Italian jazz musicians), ADEIDJ (association of Italian jazz labels), AFIJ (association of Italian jazz photographers), IJC (association Italia jazz club).
In April 2022, the Indindara project was born with Orosei’s Tenores Antonio Milia, which debuted at the Cala Gonone Jazz Festival on July 28, 2022, in the atmospheric Sala della Dama at the Bue Marino Cave. In September 2022 in L’Aquila, on the occasion of the Italian Jazz Festival for the Earthquake Lands, he received the Special Award given by the National Association “Jazz Goes to School” for the educational project of the Little Jazz Festival. In August 2022 he initiated a new festival within a festival in Sardinia, the project called Jatzilleri, where six venues in Mogoro (his hometown) were transformed into jazz clubs for an evening hosting island musicians who had emigrated abroad and brought their knowledge back home, sharing it with the audience.

Vincent Courtois

Vincent Courtois’ classical training has equipped him with technique, precision and instrumental control. His curiosity and eclecticism have led him to play with brilliant musicians from diverse backgrounds-Rita Mitsouko, Christian Escoudé, Michel Petrucciani, Michel Portal, to name a few. With Sylvie Courvoisier, Dominique Pifarely, Joëlle Léandre and Joachim Kühn, Courtois returns to the classical aspect of his instrument. His collaboration with Rabih Abou Kahlil frees him as a soloist. His collaboration with Louis Sclavis, with whom he shares a cinematic approach to music, gives him a refined sense of melody. Building on his many experiences and influences, Vincent Courtois has developed a unique musical exploration. His creative process is based on musical relationships, the balance of personalities and energies, the impact of contrast, ideas of sound, images, uncertainty and silence. By creating a musical form in which freedom is paradoxically managed with the utmost rigor and care, he gives a chance to collective creation and each collaborator a unique position in a spirit of mutual trust and involvement.


Guided walk by BlaWalk

SimulArte in collaboration with the platform BlaWalk presents a new format that can combine outdoor physical movement, the discovery of nature around us and the beauty of music.

guided walk by BlaWalk is then proposed before the Uncharted Soundscapes concert in Vigne Museum.

The meeting is at 7 p.m. at Rosazzo Abbey, the walk will start at 7:30 p.m..

Limited places are available for the walk, so reservations are required.

For info and reservations:
0432 1482124