Isacco Buccoliero, Carolina Sposato – Soprano Sax
Antonio Berlingò, Matilde Cicero, Simone Votano, Pamela Aloise – Alto Sax
Aldo Bruno, Giorgio Grosso, Ruben Toso – Tenor Sax
Kevin Longhi, Emanuele Carnevale – Baritone Sax

Danilo Russo, Alex Sebastianutto

In the event of bad weather, the concert will take place in the council chamber of the Pontebba municipality

Music by: G. Rossini, L. Bernstein, N. Rota, R. Molinelli, N. Zaninotto, M. De Gori, A. Marquez.

The SaxOrchestra of the P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Nocera-Catanzaro is a saxophone orchestra formed by the excellence of the saxophone classes of the Calabrian Conservatory. The students will perform as orchestra members and soloists, interpreting a transversal programme that, thanks to the versatility of the saxophone, will range from classical to popular music, from soundtracks to Latin music.

In the desire to enhance the principles of unity and sharing between the Italian and Slovenian cultures, in cooperation with the composition class of the P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory, a piece was commissioned to be premiered inspired by the theme: Borderless.

‘Kunfandoj’ is the piece written by Calabrian composer Marco De Gori ‘From Pontebba, we set off on a musical journey eastwards. In the majestic fog of the Alps, we leave behind us the echoes of Carnic songs; in the distance, Carinthian choruses resound from Austria. Ahead of us, surprising, is Slovenia, colourful and rhythmic by day, intimate and soft at night. It is a journey of musical encounters, of Contaminations (in Esperanto, in our ideal common language, Kunfandoj)’.



SimulArte in collaboration with the platform BlaWalk presents a new format that can combine physical movement in the open air, the discovery of nature around us and the beauty of music.

guided walk by BlaWalk is proposed before the SaxOrchestra concert. The walk entitled “Walking on the borders: to discover which limits mark the landscape” will explore the area around Pontebba.

The meeting point is at 08:30 at the Theatre. The walk will start at 08:45. The planned length is 4km with an elevation gain of 100m, and a maximum duration of 1:15 hour. There is a participation fee of €10.00 payable on site to BlaWalk staff.

Places for the walk are limited, so reservations are necessary.