Nicoletta Taricani – voice
Giulio Scaramella – piano
Alessio Zoratto – bass
Luca Colussi – drums

28 July 2024 from 19:00 at the Parco San Valentino in Pordenone

Memories‘ is Nicoletta Taricani’s second album produced by the label. It is a portrait in music of the Palermitan photo-journalist Letizia Battaglia, who passed away in 2022.

Letizia Battaglia represents the woman-artist who documents current events without compromise and without the use of clichés. She is able to tell the truth as it is, for better or for worse. In front of each of her photographs she always put the person portrayed first, even if it was a perpetrator. Nicoletta has transferred this approach to her way of composing music, which now in her life means ‘photographing’ what she sees, putting it back into the score as it is, always putting a pinch of herself into it.

Important was the meeting with their granddaughter Marta Sollima, who told useful anecdotes during the interview to help write the lyrics and music for the project.

Memories” immortalises Letizia Battaglia’s career from different points of view: the Letizia who is kind and helpful to others; the Letizia who finds herself and sees herself again in the little girls of Palermo’s alleys; the photographer of judges and executioners…. In a nutshell: ” born from a lay Leica. Woman mother and wife speaks to the world in freedom‘.

Another woman is paid tribute in the album. She is Claudia Grimaz. She was a wonderful singer from Friuli, one of those voices that still echoes within the walls of theatres and beyond. The song chosen to honour her is ‘Gusta mi magla padnala‘. a song belonging to traditional Serbian music performed by Claudia Grimaz during her rich artistic career.