Eleonora Strino Trio in concerto a Udine

Eleonora Strino – guitar
Giulio Corini – bass
Zeno de Rossi – drums

July 2024 from 21:00 at Corte di Palazzo Morpurgo in Udine

Eleonora Strino

Eleonora Strino is recognised by critics as one of the most interesting young talents of the international jazz scene, so much so that the American magazine ‘Jazz Guitar Today’ dedicated its February 2020 cover to her, after having dedicated it to musicians of the calibre of Peter Bernstein, Kurt Rosenwinkel, John Scofield and other great guitarists of the current scene.
After recording his first album as a leader with two jazz legends like Joey Baron and Greg Cohen, he continues to lead the trio in Italy with an eclectic and refined rhythm section consisting of Zeno de Rossi on drums and Giulio Corini on double bass.
The repertoire ranges from traditional jazz songs, virtuosic tunes typical of be bop, original compositions of clear Neapolitan inspiration, rearrangements of themes foreign to the language of jazz such as Louis Bakalov’s “Il Postino” and “Alfonsina y el Mar”: a famous Argentine folk tango.

“But while Strino is a traditionalist at heart, he is also an original voice who has transcended his influences, which is no small thing in such a familiar language and style.” All About jazz

“We recognised in Eleonora not only a virtuoso jazz guitarist, but also a methodical and inspiring teacher, so we were eager to develop a publishing project with her. The result is a very satisfying systematic teaching of the essential bebop scales that explains the theory and approach, but is always practical and immediately musical. Tim Pettingale (Fundamental Changes)

“Eleonora Strino is one of the most musical and impressive guitarists I have heard in recent years.
She has a maturity and musical identity developed far beyond her young age. Eleonora has a love and respect for older songs and the pure sound of the guitar, but she is always taking chances that keep her playing in the moment and give her music a very immediate feel’ –. Peter Bernstein

“There is a new generation of great Italian guitarists right now, and Eleonora Strino is one of them, along with Matteo Mancuso and Pasquale Grasso.”- Vintage Guitar Magazine

“Elenora Strino is a wonderful artist with a beautiful talent for combining creativity and sensitivity with virtuoso technical mastery. Her compositions, singing and guitar playing are overflowing with emotion and connection. One of my principles in making music is to communicate one’s soul to the world around me. Eleonora does this with such abundance that it is difficult to find the right words to describe it. You have to listen to her and watch her offer her gifts. She is the epitome of a ‘Jazz Guitarist Today'”Jazz Guitar Today

“Strino’s music has the kind of continuous, organic feel that makes discussion of technique irrelevant, or perhaps only relevant to meetings between guitarists. He doesn’t sound like anyone else, he doesn’t seem to carry any single influence.
It is very much his sound, the product of considerable application, but also of great ears. It has absorbed guitar literature, but has quietly moved beyond it, to its blue-tone space, and settled there”. Brian Morton