Daniele Di Bonaventura – Bandoneon

25 July 2024 from 21:00 at the Vigne Museum in Rosazzo di Manzano
In case of bad weather, the concert will take place at the Abbazia Rosazzo

Daniele di Bonaventura

In his hands the bandoneon is transformed into a chamber orchestra.” (Pierre Favre)

Daniele di Bonaventura, originally from the Marche region in Italy, is considered one of the most original and creative bandoneonists in the world. His music is a wonderfully serious and at the same time extraordinarily playful mixture of classical music (composition, structure) and jazz (improvisation and freedom) and makes particular reference to Mediterranean melodic traditions and the South American musical genre.

Even in his solo performances, he performs and improvises pieces that originate from his ‘musical homeland’, whose inspiration ranges from Baroque composers to the classics of popular song, to his latest repertoire, and create his own specific musical world that is both incredibly varied and unmistakable, where the bandoneon can transform itself, as if by play, into a mouth organ or a church organ. A dynamic current of superb melodies is born, capable of enchanting the listener.