Francesco Ivone – trumpet
Giovanni Maier – double bass
Matjaž Bajc – double bass
Žiga Ipavec – drums

Brilliant Corners Quartet

“Brilliant Corners” is a famous composition by Thelonious Monk, the title of which aptly describes the edgy melodies for which the Rocky Mountain-born pianist and composer is famous. Saxophonist Steve Lacy had played with Monk in the early part of his career and was greatly influenced by him compositionally, bringing forth that kind of sound, in which the boppish language is taken to extremes.The repertoire of this quartet includes compositions by these two great masters, which are approached by placing the various themes within a modern sonority, both in terms of timbre (the choice of two double basses is unusual) and rhythm.The young musicians Francesco Ivone, Matjaž Bajc and Žiga Ipavec have been collaborating for years with Giovanni Maier, but all three attended the improvisation workshops held by Zlatko Kaučič in Nova Gorica, so the activity of this new ensemble develops from a long-standing habit.

The event consists of a concert by the Brilliant Corners Quartet and a special menu proposed by Pr Pepet, costing €45 per person.

Reservations are required at the Pr Pepet restaurant on +386 31 701 876 or email